About Us


The products of Earth Ease were born from necessity.  The founder, William Henderson, suffered from arthritic joints for many years undergoing multiple surgeries, shots, and harsh medications to control the pain and maintain freedom of movement.  Other family and friends also suffered from problems with migraine headaches, skin irritations, muscle spasms, sciatica and many other ailments requiring medication, adding to his concern about the effect of these remedies on health and overall well-being for all.  He turned his mind to a search for a better way.


That search discovered information about the therapeutic effects enjoyed by those who visited and soaked in the Dead Sea.  That information was so compelling, that he obtained Dead Sea Salt and began testing it personally.  The results were very impressive but he believed they could be even better.  Experimentation led to combining Dead Sea Salt with Essential Oils and other natural products to produce solutions.  These solutions were tested personally and on family and friends until all involved gave their 100% rating and only then did these solutions become products.  Earth Ease was born and the products are being shared from East to West and North to South.  These products have not been clinically tested and Earth Ease makes no claims as to what benefits an individual will realize.  Earth Ease only reports what others have relayed as their amazing results.


As the user group has grown and more and more request for different formulations have been received; newer blends have been created and are under similar trials with our user group.  When we have a 100% approval rating, we make these new solutions available to be shared and will post them on this website. We hope you will try our products and you will be amazed at the results!